Specialty Tows by Bob and Joe’s Towing

School bus tow

We’ve had a lot of great projects in 2021 so far. Some of our favorites include specialty tows that we don’t see every day, such as this school bus, a large toolbox, and an ice cream truck! Bob and Joe’s is equipped to handle any specialty tow. Check it out:

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Bob and Joe’s Handles it All

Ice Cream Truck

Bob and Joe’s has the equipment to safely and accurately tow all cars. This accounts for beautiful antique cars, luxury sports cars, the common family car, limousines from 1937, and even ice cream trucks! Take a look at our most recent tows:

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Towing a 1939 Model 75 Limousine

Limo from 1939

Bob and Joe’s has the expertise to tow all different types of cars. We were recently entrusted to move a beautiful antique. This piece of history is a 1939 Model 75 limousine that was originally handmade for the Widener family and is still in existence. Check out this beauty:

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Towing Highlights of 2020

Antique car being towed

Bob and Joe’s has expert experience towing all cars, including the common family car, luxury sports cars, and antique cars. We enjoy working with a variety of different cars, allowing us to learn more and continuously improve our skills! 2020 has been an unpredictable and extraordinary year, to say the least, but amongst the unfamiliarity […]

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Towing for Luxury Sports Cars

Green Mclaren being towed

Luxury sports cars are known to be a prized possession. Car owners want to feel a sense of security if anything were to happen to their car that is out of their hands. Bob and Joe’s Towing has expertise with towing luxury sports vehicles from accidents or minor car maintenance. Check out the below to […]

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What to Do After You’ve Been Towed

car towed

You walk out of a building over to where you think you parked your car, but it’s not there. Your first instinct may tell you it’s been stolen, but if you parked in a questionable spot it’s more likely that the vehicle has been towed. So, what do you do now? First, you’ll need to […]

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The Rules of Residential Towing

No Parking

If you live in an area where people frequently park illegally on your property, you may be unsure of how to solve this problem. You can call a towing company to come and remove the car, but there are a few qualifications you’ll have to meet to ensure the tow is legal. Written Authorization If […]

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What to Do in Case of Roadside Emergency

Car Broken Down

Breaking down on the side of the road can throw anyone into a panic. Whether you were in a fender benderĀ or a part of your car has failed, a monkey wrench is thrown into your daily schedule and worries about insurance and repair costs loom in the back of your mind, making matters even worse. […]

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Recovery Darby Creek

Car flipped in Darby Creek under 476 in Broomall

Check out these photos of a car that flipped into a creek. We were able to help the Havertown Police Department and Fire Company with recovery of this vehicle.

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